Take your Training and Mentorship programs with our easy to use Edukadu Platforms

With powerful yet easy-to-use functionality, Edukadu puts you in charge of the online programs which you run


Bring your unique vision to life with flexible content including live lessons, unlimited video, communities, assessments, and much more.


Edukadu helps leading organizations build their strategic capabilities with an end to end soltuion


Engineered for enterprise but designed for everyone. Edukadu supports you today, tomorrow, and in the future!

Edukadu global e-Learning and e-Mentoring platform has helped 10,000+ individuals across the world. This empowering & dedicated solution is being used by EQUALS (United Nations University and UN Women), Women’s WorldWide Web (W4), GSMA Tech4Girls, Latin American Association and many more.

We customize Edukadu to fulfill each organization’s unique requirements and provide 1-1 customer support 24/7/365.

A unique platform for organizations to design their own personalized Training solutions, workforce development programs, employee up-skill courses using our secure SaaS solution.


Deliver results for your targets through our platform

e-learning enables to trains the teams to make a real impact by sharing knowledge in an organised manner

Secure Registration & Attendees Management
Session access limited to attendees with approved credentials
Fully customizable templates and communications
Courses & Schedules
Manage Courses Create and offer single & recurrent courses
Enlist Instructors & coordinate assigned schedules
Customize and Collect compliance documents
Manage Events Collect fees in a fully integrated secured payment
Create and deliver surveys to registered audience
Video conference integration allowing breakout rooms & other features


Provides real-time dashboard on the program for coordinators, mentors & mentees

Full vision & management of mentoring program with coordinators, mentors & mentees with compliance & reporting

Secure Registration & Mentees & Mentors
Responsive interface with language options
Fully customizable templates and communications
Easy Mentee / Mentor assignment with complete flexibility
Design adhoc mentoring programs and execute quick time
Customize and Collect compliance documents
Intuitive Dashboard with scorecards and reminders
Create and deliver surveys to registered audience
Mentee e-certificates and Mentor Badges for encouragement


Initially designed

to support eLearning & eMentorng in a secured and controlled environment, Edukadu has evolved to provide organizations with a comprehensive platform to schedule, coordinate and deliver online & live events, providing the necessary tools to manage registration, coordinate instructors, deliver surveys and collect fees.

Edukadu suites

includes an Innovative non-real time fully supervised one-o-one communications module to support mentoring, counseling and other activities following content road-maps, curriculum, e-Learning and other activities with progress targets

Our Edukadu platform

has been selected to power virtual educational events around the world from prestigious organization supporting the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN

Our team works

closely with each organization to customized the platform to fulfill its unique requirements providing 1-1 customer support


SaaS Suite

Fully integrated with complementing modules to manage full programs with live events and recurrent sessions delivered in a secure and controlled environment. This helps you to fully comply with GDPR and CCPA when the program involves community participation

Create and manage

mentoring programs for specific topics in a unique and secure environment with periodic communications that can be easily monitored to ensure appropriate guidelines are followed. Open and manage volunteer opportunities to support program offerings

Integrated Survey

module helps you to replace disparate tools like Google forms, Surveymonkey, Custom feedback routines and integrate them to the organization objectives

Easy configuration

options to include Schedule notifications, Parental Consent form, Terms, and Payment Integration. Design, Develop and publish templates, support documents, FAQ to guide the DEI program successfully